Google Trader

What is Google Trader?

Google Trader is a service that allows people to post/find jobs and buy/sell goods and services. Use it to buy and sell electronics, agricultural products, tools, cars, property, or anything else that you need or have.

How to access Google Trader?

You can access Google Trader in two ways

  1. From your computer or mobile phone by visiting the Google Trader Home Page
  2. Via SMS. Text START to 6007 to get started. (Free on Airtel and Tigo)

How much does it cost to post a listing on Google Trader?

Google Trader is free! However, your carrier may charge you for the SMSes that you send.

Is a Google account needed to use Google Trader?

Yes. If you are posting listings via the Google Trader web site, you will need a Google account. You do not need a Google account to search for listings in Google Trader. Google accounts are free and easy to set up, all you will need is an email address. Click here to set up your own account.

You do not need a Google account to post or search using SMS.

How to post a listing on Google Trader?

To post a listing on the Google Trader web site:

  1. Click on the link Post a listing on the Google Trader homepage
  2. If you have not logged in, Google Trader will ask you to do so. If you don’t already have a Google account, click on the Create an account now link. Once you have logged in, you will proceed to the Google Trader page where you can enter information about your listing.
  3. Enter the most important information about your listing in the boxes labeled Title, Price and Contact. What you write in these boxes will be available to users searching both on the web and via SMS. Don’t forget to include a way to contact you, like a phone number or email address.
  4. Choose a category from the drop down labeled Category.
  5. Enter the location of your listing, for example the city you live in.
  6. Add additional content to the Details section. This will only be visible to those looking at your listing from the web.
  7. Upload photos for the listing.
  8. After you’ve entered and reviewed your listing’s information, click Save. Within a few hours, your listing will be visible.

To post a listing via SMS, you must first register with Google Trader. To do this send the word REGISTER to 6007. Once registered you can post as many listings as you like. Post your listings by sending a message describing the listing to the number 6007. This message must start with the word SELL, followed by a description of the listing, the price, your location, and a way to contact you. If you don’t include a phone number or email address in your post, Google Trader will automatically add this information to the end of your post. For example, you might send SELL Nokia 1305 GHS.20 Accra call Joe at 0781234567 to 6007.

Try out Google Trader today. Check it out online at