Ewe people

Ewe Proverb: Devi gba abobogo megbaa klogo o.
Translation: The child who breaks a snail’s shell cannot break a tortoise’s shell.
Meaning: People should do things according to their capabilities.

Ewe Proverb: Wometsoa deku eve dea alogo deka me o.
Translation: You cannot crack two palm nuts in the mouth at the same time.
Meaning: Do one thing at a time.

Ewe Proverb: Detsi vivi ye hea zikpui.
Translation: Tasty soup draws seats (people) to itself.
Meaning: It pays to be good and nice to people.

Ewe Proverb: Dze mekafua edokui o.
Translation: Salt does not praise itself.
Meaning: Do not boast of your good qualities. Let people see the goodness in you.

Ewe Proverb: Akuviato fe agbleme da dzia vi do.
Translation: A lazy man’s farm is a breeding ground for snakes.
Meaning: It does not pay to be lazy so try to work hard.

Ewe Proverb: Nyaseto menye abaka o.
Translation: The ear that heeds words of advice is not as big as a basket.
Meaning: A well behaved child does not need much talking to.

Ewe Proverb: Dzigbodi wotso koa anyidi (dide) hafi kpon efe doka.
Translation: If you dissect an ant patiently, you will see its entrails.
Meaning: With patience, you can accomplish the most difficult task.

Ewe Proverb: Ati deka metua xo o.
Translation: One pole cannot build a house.
Meaning: In unity is strength, therefore, one should learn to work together with others.

Ewe Proverb: Atadi bia ha no le eme.
Translation: You find a worm even in a ripe pepper.
Meaning: However, bad a situation is, we should learn to cope with it.